Saturday, August 4, 2012

Good Knowledge

"Useful knowledge is that which makes you grow in the fear of Allah, increases you in awareness of your defects, deepens your knowledge of the worship of your Lord Most High, decreases your desire for this world and increases your desire for the life to come, and opens your eyes to the defects of your actions so that you guard against them."

~ Imam Ghazali ~ </iframe>


Monday, May 28, 2012

Simplicity of Prophet Muhammed (PBUH)

Muhammad was a very simple person and spent all his life in simplicity. He was very unceremonious and informal in his habits. He ate whatever he was given, wore very thick and coarse cloth, even when he was the ruler of a state and undisputed leader of the people. He sat on the floor, bare ground or a mat without any hesitation, alone or in the company of other people. He ate bread made from coarse flour and even spent days on mere dates. He wore simple clothes and did not like display or show. He was by nature simple and liked simplicity and informality in everything.
Ibn Masud said that God's Messenger slept on a reed mat and got up with the mark of it on his body. He said, "O God's Messenger! I wish you would order us to spread something out for you and make something." The Prophet replied, "What have I to do with the world, I am like a rider who rests for a while under the shade of a tree, then goes off and leaves it." Ubaid-Allah bin Muhsin reported God's Messenger as saying, "If anyone among you is secure in mind in the morning, healthy in body and has food for the day, it is as though the whole world has been brought into his Possession."

Abu Hurairah reported God's Messenger as saying, "Look at those who are inferior to you and do not look at those who are superior to you, for that is more likely to keep you from despising God's Favour on you." Abu Talha said, "When we complained to God's Messenger of hunger and raised our clothes to show we were each carrying a stone over our belly, he raised his clothes and showed that he had two stones on his belly."

He liked simple living and wanted his family to lead a simple life and abstain from ostentatious living. He often wore thick clothes. His bed was sometimes of rough blanket sometimes of skin filled with palm fibres and sometimes of ordinary coarse cloth.. In the ninth year of Al-Hijrah, when the Islamic state had extended from Yemen to Syria, its ruler had only one bed and one dry water-bag of skin. A'isha reported that when he died, there was nothing in the house to eat except some barley.

Once Umar entered Muhammad's house and noticed the state of the furniture in it. Muhammad himself had only one sheet of cloth round him to cover the lower part of his body. There was one simple bed, with one pillow filled with nut fibre; on one side of the room was some barley and in one corner near his feet was an animal skin. There were some water-bag skins hanging beside his bed. Umar said that on seeing this tears came into his eyes. God's Messenger asked the reason for his tears. He replied, "O God's Messenger! Why shouldn't I cry! The strings of the bed have left marks on your body. This is a small room with all your furniture, I can see what there is. The Kaiser of Rome and Kisra of Persia enjoy luxurious living while you, God's Messenger, and the Chosen One, live like this." He said, "Ibn Khattab! Don't you like that they choose this world and we choose the Hereafter?".

In short, Muhammad lived and liked a simple life and enjoyed every minute of it. He taught his companions, through his personal example, to lead a simple life and not to be ostentatious." src="

Monday, May 21, 2012

Conscious and unconscious

Our body is a highly complex organism. There are numerous functions going on at all times in our bodies like seeing, hearing, digestion, respiration and different kinds of movements. Almost all these functions are governed by the unconscious mind. Little effort is required on the part of our consciousness for the smooth functioning of these bodily requirements.
The conscious mind has unlimited capacity for thinking and analysing facts. But if everything is placed in charge of the unconscious mind, according to the divine plan of creation, what is the role of the conscious mind? It is to seek out the truth. The Creator has made the conscious mind free to involve itself solely in the great quest for truth. To search for truth is our greatest task.
What is truth? Truth is, in other words, the reality of life. We must try to know the secret of life, its purpose and goal, to know what is right and wrong, what are the minus and plus points, what is negative and positive thinking, what is good for the individual and for society.
The answers to these questions are not written on any mountainside. It is up to us to discover the truth. Knowledge of truth is so important that the Creator has consigned our bodily affairs to the unconscious mind.
People frequently live in a state of frustration. And great men are no exception. They live frustrated lives and they die frustrated. Tension and stress are ubiquitous.
The reason lies in people's failure to find the truth. Everyone is a seeker by birth, but everyone lives his life without knowing what the real purpose of life is. Due to this aimlessness, people are living in a state of confusion. They speak and write, but without clarity. They live lives fraught with contradictions. They yearn to find something but without knowing what that something is.
A tension-free mind is one that can function positively despite contradiction. People work, but without job satisfaction. People run after money, but without experiencing inner satisfaction. People have adopted the formula: Enjoy life! But they don't know what life is and what its real enjoyment is. It is a paradoxical situation and everyone is living in this state of self-contradiction.
It is a self-created problem. When the Creator has given you a mind and made you free to use your mind, you should make use of this opportunity. You have to activate your thinking capacity. You have to discover the reality. You have to read what is hidden in nature in an unwritten form. That is the only way to extricate yourself from this psychological chaos.
The consciousness of truth is interwoven in your nature; it is very easy, therefore, to discover the truth. The only condition is to shun distraction, to follow the well-known principle: simple living, high thinking. If you want to save yourself from going astray, activate your thinking faculty. Think and you will surely reach the gates of truth.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Personality employer believers

Prophet Muhammad has explained clearly about personality we should have when we are  employer, this kind of character is the picture of people who want to get happiness, either here in this world as well as in the here after. May be it could be difficult for the people,  who don't know who God is, what God wants in our life?. But for people who know God, he knows this is exactly what God wants, and he will be willing to act upon God will. Here it is the personality that we should have, Prophet Muhammad says:
"Your servant or the people who work for you are your brothers, and it is just coincidence that Allah has put them under your authority, and so, whosoever has brother under his authority in this manner, he should feed them with similar food to that which he eat, and he should clothe them with similar clothing to which he clothe himself. And do not ask them to do something so difficult to do, if you want to instruct them to do something very difficult, you stand up and help them"
عن أبي ذر رضي الله عنه قال : ساببت رجلاً فعيرته بأمه ، فقال لي النبي صلي الله عليه وسلم ( يا أبا ذر أعيرته بأمه؟ إنك امرؤ فيك جاهلية ، إخوانكم خولكم جعلهم الله تحت أيديكم ، فمن كان أخوه تحت يده فليطعمه مما يأكل ، وليلبسه مما يلبس ولا تكلفوهم ما يغلبهم ، فإن كلفتموهم فأعينوهم) أخرجه البخاري( .

"Karyawanmu atau orang yang bekerja untuk anda adalah saudara anda, dan adalah kebetulan bahwa Allah menempatkan mereka dibawah otoritas anda, maka, siapa saja punya saudara dibawah otoritasnya dalam hal ini, dia mesti memberi makan sama seperti makanan yang dia makan, memberi pakaian seperti yang dia pakai sendiri. dan jangan meminta mereka melakukan pekerjaan yang berat, jika memberi pekerjaan yang berat maka bantu mereka."

It means that we must be humble and treat our brothers and sisters as we want to be treated. and this that could lead us to get a paradise. Arrogance will never make us happy, it only will create messy in our life.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Word of wisdom

The path of God

The path of Allah is long, and we travel on it like turtles and the goal is not to reach the end of the path but the goal is to die upon the path of Allah.«